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The manufacture of a trunk requires the intervention of three trades: the carpenter who makes the barrel, the leatherworker who assembles canvas and jewelry and the upholsterer who lines the interior with linen and develops the quilting in the cover.

Terminology of a trunk

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Find the different terms used to characterize a Louis Vuitton trunk, a Goyard trunk or all types of luggage.

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Example of before and after projects   

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Find now examples of different restoration projects on Louis Vuitton , Hermes, Goyard or Moynat trunks , made in our workshop.

Maintaining a trunk

For a trunk covered with coated canvas, the ideal is to use a colorless wax on the covering and the leather parts and to wait 24 hours for drying. Following this step, you just need to polish the canvas using a soft cloth. The jewelry can be cleaned using specific products for the shine of brass.

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For a transatlantic trip, an excursion to Africa or simply a trip by car, the trunks had to be covered with very specific coatings and adapted to the needs of the customers.

The materials used

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A trunk for hats, for guns, for dresses, discover the different types of trunks most widespread in the 20th and 19th centuries.

The different models  

The L.Vuitton canvas 

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We find at Louis Vuitton a large number of different paintings, here are the most used by the house, their stories and the approximate dates of their publication in the catalog.

The L.Vuitton locks 

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We find a large number of different clasps at Louis Vuitton, discover the different   models according to the times and the different needs of travelers.